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Place your customizable and unique application in listings everywhere that you advertise your properties.  The new generation of renters are mobile and prefer online options when applying.

Eliminate Double Entry

Eliminate the process of double entry that you get with paper applications.  Save yourself or your staff a ton of time and focus on more important things while reducing the risk of human error.

Accept Application Fees Online

Collect credit card application fees which are applied to the applicants account at the end of the online rental application process. Avoid taking time from your busy day to deposit pesky paper checks.

Speedy Move-Ins

If you end up renting to an applicant, the data from their application is integrated to Anita Hale Property Toolbox’s state-specific residential lease agreement creator… eliminating manual data entry for good!

Screen & Approve

Be sure you get the right tenants in the door fast with a comprehensive tenant screening. Don’t skip out on the important details. Get their entire story without the hard work.


Landlord-Tenant Messaging

Email is not the safest form of communication and document sharing platform.  Email posses a huge security threat to you and your clients. This is why we added Secure Landlord-Tenant Messaging so that you can interact with your applicants. This provides an audit trail of communication between you and an applicant.


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