Income & Expense Tracking

Take control of your cash flow and grow your business.
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Powerful property management accounting software for you to track every payment.

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Track Each Payment

Keep a complete record of all transactions associated with a tenant ledger.   Record and analyze every payment, charge, or refund and flag transactions that need follow-up.  Anita Hale Property Toolbox gives you easy centralized rental property financials.

Manage Your Own Accounts

Stay alerted at all times with our powerful dashboard reporting and chart of accounts that is easily customizable.  This lets you keep a close eye on what your are paying out versus what is coming in from your tenants.

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Effortless Income & Expense Capture

Track It All On-The-Go

We do everything that we can to keep you connected to your business, even with a busy lifestyle.  That is why we have made it where you can keep tabs on expenses, receipts, and mileage using Anita Hale Property Toolbox on every mobile device you own.  We’ll keep you organized.

Go Paperless & Stay Organized

Do away with the old-school and ineffective ways of keeping paper records. Organization is key, imagine staying organized from anywhere around the world on any device, at any time of day (or night), with an old lease agreement you had to revert back to for a long term tenant.  That my friends is pure on-demand access to your business.

Take control of your cash flow and grow your business.